PCI is one of the most frequently performed cardiovascular interventions in the United States. Studies have shown that 30-day readmission and mortality rates vary significantly across hospitals. It is critical that we understand the factors distinguishing high and low performing hospitals so that we may improve the quality of PCI care. This information will also enable us to better prepare for public reporting of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) outcomes.

"Translating Outstanding Performance in Percutaneous Coronary Intervention"(TOP PCI) – is a mixed methods study aimed at identifying key strategies that improve 30-day post-PCI mortality and readmission rates. The study is being conducted by Yale University in partnership with the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and is funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI).


TOP PCI began in 2011 with in-depth interviews of more than 200 staff members at 13 high and low performing hospitals. The interviews provided an understanding of the hospital culture, structure and processes that impact PCI patients. This information was used to create a survey of hospital practices, which was distributed in May 2013 to more than 500 randomly selected NCDR® CathPCI Registry® hospitals. The web-based survey is intended to capture details on how hospitals structure and deliver care to PCI patients and uncover strategies utilized by top performing hospitals.

Goals of the Survey

Survey results will be used to identify patterns in PCI care and quality improvement approaches employed by top performers. Data obtained from the survey will be analyzed to determine which strategies are associated with the best outcomes. The ultimate aim of the study is to create a toolbox of PCI outcome improvement strategies that may be used in a variety of hospital settings and environments.

Benefits of Survey Participation

Participating hospitals will receive a summary of the survey findings, including aggregate data regarding national patterns of PCI care. In addition, the knowledge generated through study participation will provide opportunities for hospitals to:

  • Reflect upon how their organization delivers PCI care
  • Apply best practices to improve care
  • Discover new ways to use CathPCI Registry data
  • Identify strategies in preparation for public reporting of measures

Participate Today

The survey is still open! Join the more than 185 hospitals that have shared their approaches to PCI care. The response rate to date has been impressive, but additional hospital input is needed. All remaining CathPCI Registry hospitals that were invited to participate are encouraged to respond!

To find out if your hospital was among those selected to participate, please contact Marcia Mulligan at or (203) 737-6114.