NCDR Research Provides Answers that Advance Cardiovascular Care

About the NCDR Research Network™

The NCDR Research Network is positioned to examine critical questions pertaining to cardiovascular healthcare and its delivery. The NCDR’s substantial participant base comprising hospitals and outpatient practices, coupled with a growing patient population, have allowed for the creation of a vast repository of clinical data invaluable to those wishing to conduct cardiovascular research. The NCDR’s robust datasets hold answers to complex questions by collecting relevant clinical information such as patient risk factors and outcomes; procedure and treatment trends; guidelines adherence; and device, facility and provider characteristics.

How to Participate in the NCDR Research Network

Offering two distinct opportunities for engagement in research, the Network allows individuals and organizations to submit hypothesis-driven research requests based on analysis of NCDR data. For information about this aspect of the Network, visit our Research & Publications page.

In addition, the Network allows hospitals, practices and cardiac care facilities to participate in a growing number of government and privately funded NCDR research projects. These projects can be focused on outcomes research, comparative effectiveness research, longitudinal studies and surveys. For information about this aspect of the Network, visit ourResearch Studies page.