The NCDR® is the American College of Cardiology’s suite of data registries helping hospitals and private practices measure and improve the quality of cardiovascular care they provide. The NCDR encompasses six hospital-based registries and one outpatient registry, making it the most comprehensive outcomes-based quality improvement program in the United States. With growing domestic and international participation, there are currently more than 2,400 hospitals and nearly 1,000 outpatient providers participating in NCDR registries.

A trusted resource, the NCDR has developed clinical modules that support the areas of cardiovascular care where quality can be measured, benchmarked, and improved to make a difference in patients’ lives. With 18 million patient records, the NCDR has the deep clinical data needed to provide an evidence-based rationale that informs treatment choices and lowers treatment costs.

Release the Power of Your Data

ACC Quality Improvement for Institutions gives hospitals unlimited on-demand access to the proven quality improvement tools and initiatives developed by the American College of Cardiology—all available on one convenient website. NCDR delivers quality data for benchmarking. And now, no matter where your hospital is on the QI continuum, ACC Quality Improvement for Institutions provides the tools you need to transform your clinical data into practical, lasting solutions.

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