ACTION Registry

Data Collection

The ACTION Registry collects:

  • STEMI and NSTEMI patient demographics
  • Provider and facility characteristics
  • Adverse event rates
  • AMI performance measures and selected quality measures and outcomes
  • All other test measures, including medication dosing errors and risk-adjusted metrics*
  • Transfer facility therapies and reperfusion strategies*
  • Compliance with ACC/AHA clinical guideline recommendations*
  • Data needed to qualify registry performance achievement award recognition*
*Features available to Premier level participants.

There are two ways to participate:

ACTION Registry Premier is the most comprehensive choice for monitoring data, looking at AMI performance measures and all test measures, including medication dosing errors and risk-adjusted metrics. It is the highest level of participation for performance improvement and performance achievement award recognition within the registry.

ACTION Registry Limited includes data on the AMI performance measures, selected quality measures and outcomes. Representing 50 percent of data collected in ACTION Registry-GWTG Premier, the Limited data collection form was designed to fit the needs of hospitals that wish to participate in quality and system improvement efforts but do not have the resources to participate in the full data set.

ACTION Registry Data Collection Documents Available For Download:

Premier Data Collection Form
Limited Data Collection Form
Data Coder's Dictionary

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How to Collect Data

Participants of NCDR hospital registries can submit data using the following options:
  • NCDR certified software vendors – choose from a list of certified vendors who can facilitate the submission of data to the NCDR on a quarterly basis
  • Web-based data collection – a complimentary tool provided by the NCDR allows participants to submit data online

For more information about each of these options, visit the Participant Requirements page or contact the NCDR Service Center at 800-257-4737 or

Data Definition Development Process

The process for developing the ACTION Registry core data set followed an established methodology for creating clinical data standards and included:

  • Ranking of ACTION Registry data elements/definitions
  • Gaining consensus on final ACTION Registry data elements and definitions
  • Conducting public review and comment