The Diabetes Collaborative Registry collects data elements that inform a number of national performance measures and are applicable to a broad base of providers, practice types and researchers. The measures and metrics most relevant to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic disease management have been selected. As a participating practice, you will receive easy-to-interpret quarterly reports that allow you to validate the quality care you provide and benchmark your performance on a national and practice level.


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Data Collection Form
Data collection is electronic, minimal and fits into the practice workflow to minimize participation burden and maximize clinical value. Please click here for a copy of the data collection form.

Data Dictionary
The full specifications concerning captured data elements can be found in the NCDR Outpatient Registries Data Dictionary. Please refer to the right hand column, Technical Specifications, where you can find if a specific data field will be harvested for the Diabetes Collaborative Registry (DCR).

Performance Metrics

This registry reports measures that are approved by the ACC/AHA Task Force on Performance Measures or built from existing MIPS measures. Please click here for a full list of the performance metrics.  

Data Submission Options
Several electronic health record (EHR) vendors have obtained submission certification for the Diabetes Collaborative Registry, demonstrating their systems are capable of collecting and exporting your clinical data directly to the registry’s secure database. This method is most frequently employed for application service provider or cloud-based systems. The Diabetes Collaborative Registry collects data from over 80 certified EHRs.  

If you are currently using an EHR vendor that is not yet certified, you can still participate in the registry using system integration software. Contact us at 800-257-4737 or with any questions. 


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