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The Diabetes Collaborative Registry is well positioned to inform research and promote optimal care for Diabetes patients worldwide. The Diabetes Collaborative Registry’s growth has resulted in a vast repository of clinical data. Through this registry data, clinical and scientific researchers will have the opportunity to answer complex questions related to patient risk factors; treatment trends; guidelines adherence; and device, facility, and provider characteristics.

The Diabetes Collaborative Registry has extended the Spring RPA Submission Deadline to June 1, 2018.

The Diabetes Collaborative Registry is now accepting research proposal applications for hypothesis-driven research studies using real world clinical evidence data from the registry. Investigators are invited to submit proposals here by noon on Monday, September 10, 2018 to be considered by the Diabetes Collaborative Registry Research and Publications Subcommittee during Spring 2019. All proposals will be reviewed for scientific merit and undergo a competitive approval process for NCDR funding, which is used to support analysis conducted by a NCDR-contracted data analytic center. Limited datasets are not released to individual investigators or organizations. 

The data collection form for the Diabetes Collaborative Registry can be downloaded here.

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