CathPCI Registry

Data Collection

Technology Downloads

The CathPCI Registry collects:

  • Patient demographics for cardiac catheterization and PCI procedures 
  • Provider and facility characteristics
  • History/risk factors, cardiac status, treated lesions
  • Intracoronary device utilization and adverse event rates
  • Appropriate use criteria for coronary revascularization
  • Compliance with ACC/AHA Clinical Guidelines recommendations

CathPCI Registry Data Collection Documents Available For Download:

Data Collection Form
Data Coder's Dictionary

The documents on this page are the property of the American College of Cardiology Foundation (ACCF) and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. Use of these documents without participation in the NCDR is strictly prohibited.

How to Collect Data

Participants of NCDR hospital registries can submit data using the following options:
  • NCDR certified software vendors – choose from a list of certified vendors who can facilitate the submission of data to the NCDR on a quarterly basis
  • Web-based data collection – a complimentary tool provided by the NCDR allows participants to submit data online

For more information about each of these options, visit the Participant Requirements page or contact the NCDR Service Center at 800-257-4737 or

Technology Downloads (for active CathPCI Registry participants and vendors only):

Note: Please ensure you are downloading the correct versions of the lists. More information on these lists

Version 4 Master File
Sorted by ID* Sorted by Name Sorted by Category
v4 Intracoronary Devices 02/05/15 Download   View Download   View Download   View
v4 Closure Devices 01/06/15 Download   View Download   View n/a
v4 Medications 08/31/11 Download View Download View Download View

* denotes the original sorting of the files.

Notify NCDR of new or missing CathPCI Registry Intracoronary Devices

Notify NCDR of new or missing CathPCI Registry Closure Devices

For more Important information about the 3 technology download files click here

Instructions for downloading, saving and importing the files to your data collection application:

Step 1: Follow the instructions below to download and save the updated file(s) for Medications, Closure Devices or Intracoronary Devices.

You will be prompted for a location to save the file. It's recommended that you save the file to your Desktop so it can be loaded into the application from that location. Do not change the name of the file when saving. Only "Save" the files marked "Download" do not try to save files that have been "Opened"

To View files:
To view any file, simply select "View" and choose a Master file from v3.0 or v4.0…

To Download files:

Version 4
1. Click on the "Download Link" in the appropriate column
2. Click on "Save" button on the pop up. (Do not click on "Open" button) , If you wish to see what is in the file please click on "View" as noted above.
3. Windows dialog box will appear on your screen, Select location to save the file at.
4. Click on Save button.
5. Once saved, you can upload the files to your system. (You can open the file in notepad or any other application as desired to view it on your computer.)
Step 2:

In your NCDR data entry application, go to "NCDR Maintenance" and select the appropriate function to import the downloaded file into your application.

Step 3:

In your NCDR data entry application, verify that the new medications, closure devices or intracoronary devices are present and are available for selection.