Important Information for CathPCI Technology Download Files

  • Important! The technology download files are uniquely structured and formatted. The NCDR® will notify all participants to download and import an updated medication file into the application. Failure to import the updated medication file will result in missing medications and a rejection of the data submission file.
  • Please download all technology files into your vendor tool.Failure to do so may result in your application not functioning properly.
  • If a closure or intracoronary device is missing in the data collection application, first check to see if the device exists in the download file. If the device appears in the file, then re-import the file into the application to make the device available for selection. If the device does not appear in the file, contact the NCDR® to have the device added to the file. (See Technology Downloads for links).
    • If uncertain whether the application contains the latest version of the download files, re-download and re-import all files.
    • There is an effective and expiry date associated with each medication, closure device and intracoronary device in the download files. Only medications and devices in effect at the time of the patient's date of admission will be available for collection and/or available for selection in the application.