For acute coronary syndrome patients

ACTION Registry®–GWTG™ is risk-adjusted, outcomes-based, quality improvement program that focuses exclusively on high-risk STEMI/NSTEMI patients. It helps hospitals apply ACC/AHA Clinical Guidelines recommendations  in their facilities, and provides invaluable tools to assist them in achieving their goal of quality improvement. Participating in this program helps hospitals improve their adherence to ACC/AHA Clinical Guidelines recommendations as they satisfy the data collection and reporting requirement of regulatory and contracting organizations. The registry’s real-time quarterly reports will support efforts to reduce procedural complications, identify areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement, and document the results of QI efforts.

There are a number of reasons why participation is so important:

    • ACTION Registry–GWTG establishes a national standard for understanding treatment patterns, clinical outcomes, drug safety, and the overall quality of care provided to high-risk AMI patients
    • Participation improves adherence to the ACC/AHA Clinical Guidelines recommendations, and explores the association between evidence-based treatment strategies and clinical outcomes
    • Regular reports can be used to reduce procedural complications, support quality improvement initiatives, and satisfy the data collection and reporting requirements of regulatory and contracting organizations
    • Participation helps identify areas of excellence as well as opportunities for improvement, and also allows your facility to apply emerging best practices and position itself as a quality leader

To enroll in the ACTION Registry-GWTG, please click here.

View a list of current ACTION Registry-GWTG participants

Participation in ACTION Registry–GWTG provides:

    • Weekly key measures reports and risk-adjusted quarterly benchmark reports that compare your institution’s performance with that of volume-based peer groups and the national experience through our Dashboard tool.
    • Time-saving interoperability feature with the CathPCI Registry®
    • Standardized, evidence-based data elements and definitions
    • Web-based entry that allows any facility to participate in national quality improvement efforts
    • A wide range of other tools to advance QI initiatives in your facility
    • Opportunity to participate in Surviving MI, the ACC’s newest quality initiative for hospitals, which seeks to improve hospital organizational culture such that hospitals observe a reduction in their 30-day risk standardized mortality rate (RSMR) for patients hospitalized with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) by disseminating and implementing the evidence-based strategies of top performing hospitals.
    • The opportunity to participate in the new ACC Patient Navigator Program, developed through a partnership with founding sponsor AstraZeneca 
    •  Eligibility to participate in the American Heart Association’s program, Mission: Lifeline™, this initiative seeks to save lives by closing the gaps that separate STEMI patients from timely access to appropriate treatments.
    • A choice of two ways to collect data:

        • ACTION Registry-GWTG Premier stands as the most comprehensive choice for monitoring data in ACS - looking at all the AMI Performance measures, and all test measures, including dosing errors and lipid metrics. It is the highest level of participation for performance improvement and recognition with the ACTION Registry-GWTG.
        • ACTION Registry-GWTG Limited includes data on the AMI performance measures, selected quality measures, and risk-standardized outcomes but is a 50% reduction in the amount of data collected in ACTION Registry-GWTG Premier. The ACTION Registry-GWTG Limited was designed to fit the needs of hospitals that want to participate in data collection but have limited resources and are unable to participate in the Premier program. 
    • *Physicians certified by medical specialty boards other than ABIM, such as emergency medicine physicians who have their patient records submitted to ACTION Registry–GWTG, should consult their individual boards to see how their facility’s ACTION Registry–GWTG data can be used to meet MOC Part IV requirements.

The ACTION Registry–GWTG measures:
        • Patient demographics, provider and facility characteristics
        • Transfer facility therapies and reperfusion strategies
        • Adverse event rates
        • Compliance with ACC/AHA Clinical Guidelines recommendations, and more


AstraZeneca is a proud sponsor of ACTION Registry-GWTG.