CathPCI Registry

For diagnostic cardiac catheterizations and percutaneous coronary interventions

The CathPCI Registry®; is a powerful tool that assesses the characteristics, treatments and outcomes of cardiac disease patients who receive diagnostic catheterization and/or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedures. The CathPCI Registry gives you the quality benchmarking data you need to see how your lab’s performance compares with like-sized labs and the national aggregate; to set achievable performance goals; and to develop quality improvement plans that help you meet those goals.

There are a number of reasons why participation is so important:

    • CathPCI Registry establishes a national standard for understanding treatments and outcomes of cardiac disease patients who receive diagnostic catheterizations and/or PCI procedures
    • Participation improves adherence to the ACC/AHA Clinical Guidelines recommendations, and explores the association between evidence-based treatment strategies and clinical outcomes
    • Weekly and quarterly reports can be used to reduce procedural complications, support quality improvement initiatives, and satisfy the data collection and reporting requirements of regulatory and contracting organizations
    • Participation helps identify areas of excellence as well as opportunities for improvement, and also allows your facility to apply emerging best practices and position itself as a quality leader

To enroll in the CathPCI Registry, please click here.

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Participation in the CathPCI Registry provides:

    • Risk-adjusted, quarterly benchmark reports that compare your institution’s performance with that of volume-based peer groups and the national experience
    • Standardized, evidence-based data elements and definitions
    • A Dashboard tool that provides a custom query to control for variables (facility size, number of procedures, teaching vs. non-teaching sites, states and regions)  that compare your facility data, metrics and volumes.
    • Web-based entry that allows any facility to participate in national quality improvement efforts