IMPACT Registry

For improving pediatric and adult congenital treatment

The IMPACT Registry® assesses the prevalence, demographics, management and outcomes of pediatric and adult patients with congenital heart disease (CHD) who are undergoing diagnostic catheterizations and catheter-based interventions. The collection and analysis of this data will facilitate performance measurement, benchmarking and quality improvement initiatives. The IMPACT Registry will provide significant contributions to the knowledge base and outcomes associated with congenital heart disease. The IMPACT Registry is the only national registry to collect quality-focused data on the management and real-world outcomes of quality-focused data of patients who undergo diagnostic and interventional catheterizations.

There are a number of reasons why participation is so important:

  • IMPACT Registry will establish a national standard for understanding treatments and outcomes of CHD patients who receive diagnostic catheterizations and/or PCI procedures
  • Participation will establish evidence-based treatment strategies that will improve clinical guidelines
  • Quarterly Outcomes Reports that support quality improvement initiatives
  • Participation helps identify areas of excellence as well as opportunities for improvement, and also allows your facility to apply emerging best practices and position itself as a quality leader

To enroll in the IMPACT Registry, please click here.

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Participation in the IMPACT Registry provides:

  • Quarterly Outcomes reports that compare your institution’s performance with that of volume-based peer groups and the national experience
  • Standardized, evidence-based data elements and definitions
  • Web-based entry that allow your institution to participate in national quality improvement efforts
  • The opportunity to receive American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) MOC Part IV credit by participating in the ACC Quality Initiative, Reducing Radiation Risk, click here to learn more.

The IMPACT Registry measures:

  • Patient demographics, and congenital conditions
  • History/risk factors, procedural information
  • Treated defeats and adverse effects