Frequently Asked Questions

What is the STS/ACC TVT Registry?
The STS/ACC TVT Registry is a data collection tool for the monitoring of patient safety and real-world outcomes related to transcatheter valve replacement and repair procedures.

Where does the data come from?
Hospital providers nationwide participate in the TVT Registry, providing real-time patient data.

How is data collected?
Participants of the TVT Registry enter data through a free web-based data collection tool.

Learn more about TVT Registry data collection.

What staff resources are required?
To participate in the registry, staff resources are required to collect, enter and submit data. Hospitals approach this in a variety of ways. Commonly, a data manager is identified to facilitate collection and submission. Often, information technology skills, as well as clinical expertise are desired for data managers.
Are there hardware requirements?
For optimal functionality, particularly for the online data collection tools and the online dashboard, the following are required:
  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows 2007 or higher
  • Browser - Internet Explorer 9.0 (only) 
  • Microsoft Excel version 2007 or higher (will not accept versions older than 2007)
  • Adobe PDF Reader
How is data quality ensured at the time of submission?
Data are submitted directly and securely to the TVT Registry and undergo rigorous electronic quality checks. A confidential Data Quality Report (DQR) is provided at the time of data submission. As long as the data are submitted before the quarterly deadline, the DQR informs the participant whether or not their data pass completeness criteria to be included in the Quality Outcomes Report and national averages. In the event data do not pass inclusion criteria, participants may clean their data and resubmit as often as needed until inclusion criteria are met. Data must be submitted by the quarterly deadline in order to be included in the Quality Outcomes Report.

How is overall data quality achieved?
As part of the registry’s commitment to quality data, a national on-site audit program is maintained. Annually, participants are randomly selected for on-site audits. The TVT Registry Audit program may include both an onsite and/or remote audit of the data. For selected sites, the audit program will review the data submitted against what are found locally in the medical record. Following an audit, the site receives a detailed report of the audit findings to assist with data collection improvements.

How is the data used?
The data is used in both everyday practice and in research. The registry provides feedback to hospitals in the form of benchmarked outcome reports that show how they are doing on an array of performance criteria. This feedback allows providers to identify areas for improvement and to track their progress, as well as allows physicians to directly apply patient-based research to their daily practice.

Data from the registry helps to facilitate studies that answer questions about how treatments work in the real world by providing data about large numbers of patients undergoing various procedures. Numerous research studies and scientific abstracts have been facilitated by TVT Registry data.

Is the data publicly available?
Hospital-specific registry data is not publically available and the registry cannot provide data without written permission from the hospital to do so.  
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