The NCDR Annual Conference

The 2015 Annual Conference, NCDR.15, will take place March 12-13, 2015, in San Diego, California. The Annual Conference is designed for registry professionals, physicians and cardiovascular administrators looking to expand their registry knowledge and optimize their NCDR registry participation. The conference draws attendees from across the country, providing a venue to meet and share experiences, obtain the latest registry updates and learn about registry-related health care trends.

Unleash the Power of Data

Join us for NCDR.15 and learn how to unleash the power of your registry data. Through a focused and customizable agenda, attendees of the 2015 NCDR Annual Conference will receive:

  • Registry-specific education that builds data collection skills for increased accuracy
  • Tips and techniques for understanding and applying NCDR outcome reports
  • Ideas and best practices for achievable quality improvement projects
  • Instruction for getting more out of your data through the ACC’s Quality Improvement for Institutions program, maintenance of certification programs and more
  • Opportunities to network and forge new relationships with other registry professionals
New this year, an “Orientation to NCDR” pre-conference session will be held on Wednesday, March 11 to offer new participants, and others looking for a refresher, instruction on:
  • The overall purpose of the NCDR
  • Each registry’s patient population, purpose and significant outcomes
  • Data collection tool
  • Data entry process
  • Data Quality Report (DQR)
  • Troubleshooting methods to address DQR issues
There is no additional cost to attend the pre-conference. All professionals new to the NCDR are encouraged to attend.

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